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Offshore Company Registration
Offshore Bank account with Top Secrecy
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Register your company in 15 offshore countries , 0 % Taxes with no Annual Reports​

Open Offshore bank account in the most secure countries in the world .​

Yacht & Boats Registration in 18 different flags , pay less taxes with offshore registration ​

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Offshore Company

Register your company in 15 offshore countries , 0 % Taxes with no Annual Reports

Offshore Banking

Open Offshore bank account in the most secure countries in the world .

Yacht Registration

Yacht & Boats Registration in 18 different flags , pay less taxes with offshore registration

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Offshore Company Formation

Enjoy your free and flexibility of starting business from anywhere across the globe. We utilize digital onboarding platforms and client portal to streamline every steps for your great experience.

Offshore Business Bank Accounts

We offer consulting and banking introduction to both traditional and alternative banking – so you can pick the right one for your specific case and navigate through all procedures in the application process.

Yacht & Boat Registration

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Accounting & Auditing

Our qualified accounting service saves money, time and frustration for small business owners unfamiliar with accounting practices.

About us

GIL IBC Hong Kong was established in 2012 with a mission to help startups and SMEs to free their resources tied up to intimidating company administration tasks, and thus speed up the process of setting up and running a business.

We know how hard it is for businesses to change in a fast-moving world, that’s why we make it our vision from day one to deliver services that scale with time. With our proven IT infrastructure and commitment to being a digital-first service provider, we can get your company set up and managed properly in over +18 countries at minimum costs and in a reliable manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In business context, “offshore” is associated with a jurisdiction out of the home land where has more beneficial conditions. An offshore company is often attached to many advantages such as favorable tax, asset protection, business privacy, etc. Moreover, some jurisdictions will have special programs and laws to encourage the growth of certain business sectors.

Starting or moving your business offshore will require you to register the business in the country of registration, which is called “offshore company formation”. The regulations and requirements will vary by the jurisdiction. However, most offshore countries have relaxing laws to welcome entrepreneurs around the world to land their businesses within the borders. Each country will have various business structures you can choose from. Common structures are International Business Comany (IBC), Corporation, Business Company (BC), Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Businessmen/ Digital entrepreneurs:
With an offshore company, you can begin an activity without the need to deal with the setup of complicated infrastructure and reap tons of benefits from offshore jurisdictions.
Digital entrepreneurs are one of the main groups to fit in an offshore company. This group don’t have a fixed addresses or business offices. They facilitate the digital platforms to start and grow their businesses. They prefer the simple online incorporation, minimal tax reporting requirements that can save their budget. And offshore companies meet their criteria.

Ecommerce business:
One of offshore company’s key features is flexibility and simple setup, which is a good facilitator of those whose business is on the Internet, maintain domain and manage sites. Another advantage is tax optimization for online businesses. Sales tax is the top concerning issue when operating an online business. Typically, some offshore jurisdictions don’t collect sales tax for the purchasing whithin the borders.

Consultants / Counsellors:
Simple administration and high level of privacy make offshore company incorporation a great choice for consulting businesses.

Trading business:
International trading companies are often connected with offshore company structure thanks to its versatile nature.

Holding business:
Holding company does not engage in any trading activities but is established to hold shares or assets of other companies. An offshore company has various uses, for example reducing withholding tax, increasing asset protection, and enhancing privacy, so it is considered preferred choice for holding or IP holding company.

Forex/crypto based business:
Another group that suits to start a company offshore is stockbroker or forex service provider. Most offshore jurisdictions have great asset protection laws and corporate anonymity. Besides, some offshore jurisdictions have friendly environment and strong financial services that are ideal starting the related businesses.

Yes. It is legal for you to own an offshore company. The problem is that you just need to follow the regulations set out by the country of company registration. Such regulations can be tax filing, annual reports and other ongoing obligations.


The main reason for starting an offshore company is to enjoy more favorable conditions. Such conditions can be tax advantages, simple incorporation, beneficial environment for specific types of businesses.

Some business owners, especially owners of big firms, want to have an offshore company to hold their intangible assets such as intellectual property for tax purposes. They can cut down the amount of business taxes by using transfer pricing for their offshore company.

There is no limits to the benefits of an offshore company. Governments of offshore countries constantly update business trends and keep their laws and supportive programs up-to-date. Below are advantages you can find in many offshore countries:

  • High level of corporate privacy and assest protection
  • Easy and simple incorporation process
  • Favorable tax conditions
  • Minimal reporting requirements
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